November 16, 2015
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Is your eyesight road safe? BT Motoring News recently reported that a new study has shown that one and a half million drivers on the UK’s roads have never had their eyesight checked. These worrying statistics have led the road safety charity Brake to embark on a mission to highlight the importance of drivers getting

October 27, 2015
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New figures show high number of driver disqualifications in the North East New statistics released by the DVLA have revealed some worrying facts about the quality of driving in the North East of England, according to North East-based newspaper The Chronicle. Driver disqualification ratios Road safety experts have been concerned to find that more than

September 22, 2015
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Free online programme to help young drivers With car accidents regularly in the news, it’s not surprising young drivers might be nervous when beginning their lessons. Emma Gardner is the campaign director behind an award winning road safety programme called Drive iQ. Developed by A2om International, the Drive iQ programme currently consists of 32 modules,