How seriously do you take seat belt laws?

How seriously do you take seat belt laws?

Did you know that 19% of the 232 car occupants killed in crashes in 2013 were not wearing a seatbelt? This is a staggering statistic from Road Safety GB, yet many still opt to travel without the use of a seat belt. Wearing one could save your or your passenger’s life. According to Think!, you’re twice as likely to die in a crash if you aren’t wearing a seat belt.

The law states you must wear a seat belt if one is fitted in the seat you are using. There are very few exceptions to this. To find out more, visit Despite this law, many ignore the widely advertised risks and travel without wearing a seat belt. Regardless of the seat you’re in, a seat belt is absolutely vital in a crash. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

According to an article on TISPOL, the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) were sponsored by Ford to conduct a survey on seat belt laws in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain and the UK. They concluded that a large number of backseat passengers fail to wear a seat belt, despite the obvious risks. They found that one in three people admits to not wearing a seat belt in rear seats, and one in four drivers admits to not insisting on rear seat passengers belting up. Romania proved most guilty of this, with 84% admitting to travelling in the back without a seat belt. Second is Italy, with 54% admitting the same.

The same article on TISPOL states that a report published by ETSC in March featured official data from several countries that showed up to 60% of those killed in motorway collisions were not wearing a seat belt. The EU is currently reviewing the safety requirements of all new vehicles sold in Europe.

What do you think? Can you honestly say to yourself that you and your passengers wear a seat belt on every drive? Just the one time without could make all the difference, so stay safe and wear a seat belt.


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