Can bad driving ruin your love life?

Can bad driving ruin your love life?

First dates can be nerve wracking occasions, which is why it’s common for people to experience first date fears before the big date. Everyone wants to make a good impression, whether that’s through turning up with chocolates and flowers or spending ages making sure you’re dressed to the nines. But did you know that your car, and how you behave in it, can make an impression all of its own?

Driving-related turn-offs

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) recently conducted a survey into the top 10 first date turn offs, and almost half of the top 10 reasons listed happen in the car.

The top car-related reason was road rage, with almost half of people (46%) saying that it’s the biggest turn off for them on a first date – putting it into 5th place overall. Texting while driving, which is not only unattractive but also illegal, received 45%, with the similarly dangerous act of talking on a mobile while driving following closely behind with 44%. These turn-offs beat non-driving related issues including bad dress sense (40%) and sweaty palms (25%).

Bringing up the rear in 10th position in the poll is having a dirty car, with 23% of people saying that this is a big turn off for them. In contrast, the same survey asked people what their top 10 first date turn-ons were, with 7% of people saying that a person having a nice car appeals to them.

The survey also revealed that British people can pick up on a person’s driving skills very quickly – whether they’re good or bad. On average the results showed that it only takes 65 seconds for someone to decide if a person is a good or bad driver, with half of the people surveyed saying that it only takes them 20 seconds to decide.

Safe driving is a turn-on

The top car-related turn-on came in at 8th place, where 11% of people said that good driving skills appeal to them on a first date. This means making sure that your driving skills are as good as possible can not only keep you and those around you safer, it can also help you to be luckier in love.

Sarah Sillars, chief executive of the IAM, said:  “Bad driving not only has an impact on the safety of our roads, but can also affect your chances of romance. Being able to manoeuvre properly and drive carefully should be much higher up on people’s dating priorities.”


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