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Rewarding safe drivers

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Cheaper car insurance for new drivers with low no claims bonus

Cheaper car insurance for new drivers with low no claims bonus

New drivers are rewarded for driving safely with car insurance from insurethebox. Get a quote to find out if you could save money. Finding cheaper first time car insurance can be tricky. It’s difficult for anyone with little experience and either low or nil no claims discount to find an insurance policy they can afford.

Our sister brand, insurethebox makes it a lot easier for you, offering a product best online trading platform which is specifically targeted at young, new and low mileage drivers. What’s more, if you drive safely you will be rewarded with Bonus Miles throughout the year, and could save at renewal. By using telematics insurance offered by insurethebox, you might save a lot of money on your insurance.

How does telematics car insurance with insurethebox work?

When you buy car insurance with insurethebox, a black box is fitted to your car. The data from customers’ black boxes gives insurethebox a lot more information than traditional insurers have, so they can give accurate pricing based on a solid estimate of each individual driver’s risk of having an accident. This means you could find a cheaper premium with insurethebox than with a traditional insurer. The black box records various data, from speed to the type of road you travel on. This allows you to prove yourself a safe driver. With this data, insurethebox can then calculate your renewal price accurately, so that is fair to you and your driving abilities, rather than basing it on generalised statistics.

Not only can insurethebox use information gathered by the telematics box to calculate your insurance prices, they can also use it to help keep you safe. If you have an accident, the box can sense the strong impact on the car and send an alert to insurethebox. From this point, they will try to contact to you to see if you’re okay. If they do not get a response, they can try to send help. This is called the Accident Alert service.

This isn’t the only safety feature included. As you can probably tell by now, the black box can essentially be used as a tracking device. This might sound a bit weird at first to young drivers, who don’t want their parents keeping an eye on what you’re doing 24/7. But, let’s say the worst happens and your brand new car, your pride and joy, gets stolen; insurethebox could use the black box as a theft tracker and give the car’s location information to the police to help them track down your car.

When you first set up your insurance policy, you choose from 6,000, 8,000 and 10,000 miles. The black box is then fitted into your vehicle. What data is recorded? Let’s have a look:

  • The time of day or night your drive
  • The speed you drive at on different sorts of road
  • If you brake or accelerate sharply
  • If you take breaks on long journeys
  • Your motorway miles
  • Your total mileage
  • The total number of journeys you make

What other benefits are there?

Apart from the fact that insurethebox offers an ideal opportunity to hopefully lower your insurance costs, and also offers various safety features provided by the black box; their policies include no curfews or fines. You can also manage your policy online with your own Portal.

Your Portal is a personalised page on the insurethebox website, which provides a summary of the driving data collected from the black box. This’ll include information such as your Bonus Miles score, which is awarded each month. This Bonus Miles score might help you to save money on your premium when it’s time to renew.

Also, unlike many other black box insurers; insurethebox does not increase your premium during the year if you drive badly. You are rewarded for safe driving, not penalised for driving badly although bad driving may have a negative impact on your renewal premium next year. The idea is to focus on rewarding positive driving habits, in no way condoning breaking the law.